Project Summary

The EXPERT experiment focuses on conducting a detailed performance analysis of wireless networks that operate under different link estimation algorithms. By taking advantage of WiSHFUL software and hardware abstractions, the experiment targets to reveal best practices and adaptive strategies for the dynamic selection of link estimation algorithms in order to achieve optimal routing. We measure and analyze the performance of available link-quality metrics (ETX, 4Bit, Fuzzy LQE) offered by WiSHFUL and we experiment with different network configurations, topologies, network densities, and application requirements in order to provide useful recommendation to relevant experimenters and practitioners. We study the interplay between these metrics and routing protocols and we investigate the performance of different network settings operating under different application scenarios and requirements. Through the set of tools and platforms offered by WiSHFUL, network nodes will be remotely configured and tested under a wide range of application requirements and network parameters. The ultimate innovation goal of EXPERT is to deliver an open and modular network routing optimizer that could serve as a black box interoperating with underlying network infrastructure. This tool will be developed in the context of the EXPERT project and will be based on the outcomes that will be concluded during our experimentation with WiSHFUL platform. The module will be parameterized and tested under different network installations and settings.

Concept and objectives

Most of the routing protocols designed for wireless networks (e.g., OLSR) offer configuration and fine-tuning capabilities to the upper layers of the network stack (even to the application layer if needed). The main problem is that in most cases the network nodes have to redeploy the required software and kickstart the network setting from scratch.

EXPERT takes advantage of the WiSHFUL capabilities for “hot” re-deployment of software that run in network nodes to bypass this limitation and build an optimized methodology for network routing. EXPERT also investigates various application requirements that may call for different QoS performance metrics such as network latency and tolerance. EXPERT will be validated and tested over the w.iLab.t (Heterogeneous wireless testbed) established in the IMEC premises in Ghent, Belgium and, in particular, the Zolertia RE-Mote, Zolertia Z1 and the RM090 nodes.